BoomTouch Wireless Speaker

There are so many wireless speakers out there today but they all depend on Bluetooth technology, or Wifi or some kind of connection that requires setting up and pairing with your device. Not only does this take time but it means that only one device can be paired with that speaker at a time.


  • Amplifies your device’s sound without any wires or Bluetooth
  • Just place a phone or music player on top
  • Lightweight (345g) and portable (L13cm x W 10cm x H 10cm)
  • Compatible with any device that has an external speaker
  • Battery operated by 3 AA’s (4.5 V DC, 1.5V AA alkaline batteries only)

Thanks to revolutionary ‘Near Field Audio’ technology, these speakers work with Android, iOS, and, well, any music playing device. Place your phone or music player on top to instantly amplify and enjoy the clear booming sound!